A web application project for users to know where to evacuate and seek help in times of emergency.


During an emergency, where can we seek help? Where can organizations distribute their goods?

Japan is known as a country with a constant threat from natural disasters. Getting information on where to go when in need of supplies can be a problem when resources are running low. The mobile app aims to solve the problem of sourcing for supplies during an emergency.



UI/UX Designer

Front-end Developer

Project Manager

2 weeks

*Personal project


Creating an MVP on how to ease finding locations to evacuate or seek help during an emergency


UI/UX Designer and Front-end Developer

I lead this project as a UI/UX Designer, Front-end Developer, and project manager. The goal for me was to understand the technicalities and implementation of features. 

  • UI/UX Designer

    • Created the mobile design for the first MVP​

    • Planned together with the back-end engineers on how to structure and implement features on certain screen

    • Implemented the visual identity of the app

  • Project Manager

    • As the project manager, I had to make sure the implementation of the feature was feasible and within the timeline

    • Discuss with team members if there are any roadblocks and ideate solutions

  • Front-end Developer

    • Implemented the HTML and CSS (Sass)​ on components for the screen


Users seeking help or wanting to help and NGOs wanting to donate and plan a relief

  • General Users

    • Seeking where to go for shelter

    • Looking for relief points to get relief support

  • Organizations

    • Be able to provide information on where supplies are available


The process for the whole project was the following: 

Understanding the use, planning out the requirements, design solutions, and testing.

With limited time available, together with the back-end engineers, we planned out what features can be implemented to solve the objectives of users and organizations. Setting the priorities of features was a challenge. So we settled on going back to the core function or the objective of the app.

With the functions set, I created the UI/UX design of the app and design solutions for the functions of the app. 

We tested the user experience and made sure any revisions to be made can fit within the timeline.


Collaborate with the engineers

The goal of this project was to create an MVP of the web application for the users to achieve their goals. Together with the team, communication was important to make sure any changes would be discussed beforehand to be in sync with everyone. 


As a project manager, it was important to focus on features to be implemented. It was easy to stray into new ideas during implementation without realizing the time needed.

Since this is only an MVP, I'll be iterating to make a TraQ 2.0 design with additional features.

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