A redesign project for a coffee searching app. An upate to aging mobile app with pain points that needs to be addressed.


Once a popular coffee searching app, Beanhunter was in need of an overhaul with user stories that needed to be addressed. At the same time, visual element needed update.

Beanhunter is an app for coffee enthusiasts to discover, share and review independent coffee shops in a city. Loved by users and coffee shop owners, it created a new platform to connect users and discover independent coffee shops.

Over the years, it started to show some signs of aging in terms of design and features. I wanted to look through some information and see what can be done to elevate the mobile app.

For a detailed presentation of Beanhunter, click here.



2 weeks


UI/UX Designer

Brand Designer


Fix pain points for
better discovery and
experience for users


I worked as a UI/UX designer and brand designer for this project. 

As UI/UX designer, I researched and updated the design of the screens. For branding, new identity and visual elements were created to better stand out in the competition.​


Research was done through secondary data, reviews, and user information online.

  • I dived into secondary research and previous reviews of the app. I tried to understand what made users enjoy the app and see what the current pain points are.

  • Early in the introduction of the app, it was well-received by coffee enthusiasts and coffee shops.


The process for the whole project was the following: Discovery through research, defining from data, ideation of changes, designing and testing. 

Using secondary research data, I defined the persona and user journey map to understand the pain point and how the app is used. Through ideation, I implemented on adding a feature and change the primary screen of discovering coffee shops.

I also went through a design audit to see what other issues are in the app in terms of desig and do a competitor anaylsis.

All the screen

Log in screen is updated with better hierarchy. Previous design had the social media login placed at the top of the screen.

Old Landing Screen
New Landing Screen

Landing screen has been updated to quick access to highly rated and nearby coffee shops. Navigation bar has been simplified to feature 3 main functions.

old detail.png

Organized the hierarchy and quick access to key actions users wants to do.


Further testing and design iterations.

The project is still a work in progress. From this project, I was able to understand the design thinking process. From auditing the current design to ideating how to implement features. 

Having a mobile screen is a challenge. Planning out the important information and providing a well-designed CTA in a small space. In the future, I'm hoping to add more features and iterate the design patterns more.

For a detailed presentation of Beanhunter, click here.

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